Success Mantra

Role of an Anchor

Perfection is never achieved by chance..

The audience sees what takes place on stage but a lot of the work actually happens off stage. To make the on-stage work impeccable, I have to take care of numerous things, from communicating with the client to coordinating with the DJ to handling last minute changes. What comes to the surface is perfection. However that perfection is like the tip of an iceberg. To undertake such maganamous events, multiple stakeholders like the Event Management Companies, DJs, photographers, lighting crew, caterers and venue managers put in their days and nights to ensure client satisfaction.

As an anchor, it's key to possess leadership qualities. An anchor gives direction to the event and ensures that the hard work put in by the entire team bears fruit. He makes sure that the efforts made by everyone don't go down the drain due to a last minute crisis. Working together for each other is the mantra of success in the ever-changing event industry.